Ponte Vecchio is one of the most famous monuments of Florence. It lies where the two banks of the river are at closest range and it is the center of tourist flow. For Florentines, crossing the bridge during the daytime is quite a task. Yet every time they spot it every time they walk along the Lungarni, it is like their hearts melt. Gold, live music, the locks from lovers along the handlebar. All is careful studied to make it a dream place.

Lungarni and Views
The relationship with the river plays a very important role in the look of our city. He only part that has no view of the river is Borgo San Jacopo, with is palaces directly overlooking the river banks and the terraces that seem floating in the air, privileged rooms with a view. Every quarter has its Lungarno. And maybe some of you, leaning on the parapet, will find the courage for a timeless kiss.

Inside and Outside the Big Mess
I is always a mystery how it is possible to pass from an empty place to a crowded one within just a few steps. He main street is so crowded you cannot even see your feet but everything changes as soon as you hit a small side street or an arc. The secrets held in streets like Costa de' Magnoli, via del Canneto and Costa San Giorgio are wisely kept.

Costa dei Magnoli
A romantic sunset
Art on the street