The Piazza della Signoria is an L-shaped square, top among Florence’s most important squares. In the heart of the city, dominated by city hall - Palazzo Vecchio - and skimmed by one wing of the Uffizi Gallery, Piazza della Signoria has been the focal point of the city’s social and political life since Roman times.
Looking to the corner of the Palazzo Vecchio, on the side near the Uffizi Gallery, carved into the wall is a simple, but the evocative outline of a man’s face. What looks like the scrawl of a passing vandal is actually the work of historic sculptor Michelangelo.

Art and History
The Lanzi Gallery and other Renaissance masterpieces are next to the Uffizi Museum. The abundance of great works of art makes a journey across ages and beauty so easy to take that nobody will dare miss. Rivers of tourists arrive any season, any time of the day, ready to experience the ecstasy of an encounter with history.

Shopping and Culture of Fashion
The Gucci Garden in Piazza della Signoria is only the first brand you will see in these luxury streets. The excellence of Made in Italy and the international fashion brands with their luxury windows like scenes from an opera will tempt passers-by. Dreaming can be for free, unlike a Louis Vuitton bag.

Sunset over the square
Inside Palazzo Vecchio
The square with the Jan Fabre's giant turtle
Uffizi Gallery