We won’t tell you Florence is the capital of the Renaissance, you already know. 
We won’t try to sell you small reproductions of the David and Botticelli’s portraits: we will give you the chance to go beneath the surface. Our task will be to make you experience the world of art hatching a plot through the centuries and which still blooms in Tuscany. Street art speaks with timeless classics, Strozzi Palace shows contemporary works, the Museum of the nineteen hundreds fully tells us the last century, Opera del Duomo proposes a timeless yet suggestive experience.

We will make you discover architecture and design, with tours with expert guides, making you stay in apartments with character, inside that open-air museum that is the historical center of Florence.
Art lovers and design addicted are among the most beloved visitors of ours: we share the passion for the personas that built Florence, the hidden museums, and the churches. We can not mention Uffizi and the Galleria dell'Accademia. We will play our aces up our sleeves by making you skip the long lines and find a guided tour in your preferred language.
Art, Stendhal would say, can make you faint. Did you know Florence is the city where this syndrome mostly occurs? 
But we invite you to experience and enjoy art. 
Let us build your journey to discovery together.