Full-day adventure for gourmets.

First discover Florence's historical food market in San Lorenzo where the locals do their daily shopping. You'll see stalls full of items such as fresh fruit, vegetables, cheeses, cured meats, balsamic vinegar, sun dried tomatoes, olives and many other Italian food specialities. Explore, taste, then shop for the ingredients to use for the cooking class and learn to choose the best seasonal products.

After that, a ride to the countryside, a pleasant walk and you'll start your cooking lesson at a farmhouse in Tuscany. You will learn to prepare:

  • real fresh pasta by hand with freshly laid eggs and learn to make a traditional meat sauce using local ingredients. 
  • classic bruschetta with fresh bread, homegrown tomatoes and the farmhouse's own extra virgin olive oil and then take a break to enjoy the bruschetta with a glass of Chianti wine.
  • traditional Tuscan roast pork, arista and Tuscan roast potatoes using fresh herbs collected from around the farmhouse.
  • wonderful Italian coffee and cream dessert, Tiramisù.

Final part: time to enjoy a wonderful meal! Each course will be paired with a selected wine from the region to compliment the flavors of the food you have prepared. At the end of your meal, your driver will be waiting for you for a short drive back to Florence.