Darling, is the dinner ready? The reason why the Italians are considered excellent cooks is related to the quality of the recipes that they are capable to realize without a huge effort. The goodness of the ingredients is a great ally of simplicity.

To be in Florence and miss the chance to try your skills in the kitchen, it's really a shame. With the Acacia Dinner Basket you can also discover yourself as a cook, just by following a few simple tips. The included bottle of wine is perfect to be opened during the preparation.

To taste the delightfulness of the Tuscan oil, the most healthy and tasteful way is to learn how to prepare the vinaigrette. Cut the vegetables into strips, then bite them after being dipped in a mixture of oil, salt and pepper that you have prepared in a glass.

A package of superior quality pasta is the secret to a mouth-watering first course. Remember to salt the water in the pot as soon as it starts boiling and never never never cook it too long. The cooking time indicated is the maximum allowed. Remove the pasta from the fire a few minutes before and toss it in a pan with the ready sauce. This sauce is made by small local producers that, while respecting the ancient traditions, process raw materials with fully artisan techniques without using preservatives or additives. Drizzle on the top as much cheese as you like.

The secret of the Tuscan peasant is obvious: the cheese becomes marvellous if eaten with pears. If it's not season for pears, you learn the lesson combining goat cheese with pepper chutney that we have put in the basket for you.

Every special meal ends with a dessert. A fresh desert from Nencioni is the prize that we choose for you, to complete a dinner that was a success.

Forgot something? Do not worry, of course you'll get your bottle of wine too: now let's see what you can do!

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