Acacia has many friends. Some of them are artists, like Lorenzo Concas, architect and Igers with more than 10,000 followers. Some of the pictures you can find on our website are actually his. They tell the stories, colors and moods of the different quarters of the city.

Patient, with a great talent for drawing and a great passion for architecture. This is what allows Lorenzo to draw a series of sketches full of details, using only nibs and ink.
His drawings are mostly views of the city and its most important monuments: the Giotto’s tower, churches, bridges, Ponte Vecchio, but also details of squares and museums.

Lorenzo’s scrapbook also features sketches and drawings from other Italian and European destinations: Rome, London, Venice, Paris... Visit the artist’s website for further details.

His A4 sized prints are made of a special board. They can be rolled and available for shipping. Contact us for specific requests.

Campanile di Giotto