In Tuscany it refers to a good drink accompanied by some tasty food and cold cuts and it's usually from 19 to 21 in the evening.

If a cocktail is the choice in an evening when you hang out in the town, a real treat in the house is the basket Acacia where you can choose like a real Italian between a bottle of wine or a cold beer. But this is just the beginning of the temptations. Acacia your Home in Florence fills the aperitif basket with the best products from different Italian regions.

The first word to learn is TARALLI, rings of bread typical from Puglia. The second is Grana Padano, the famous cheese from Emilia Romagna. Tuscany contributes with WINE coming from its countryside. What to add? Tasty sausages, peanuts, fragrant bread sticks.

The difference between an aperitif and a dinner is in your capacity to stop eating before you're not hungry any more so you can continue the evening at the restaurant. But often, however, once you've started with glasses of wine, bread sticks and salami you won't be able to stop any more. We can't stop either.