The world is full of hills, but the most famous ones, with heir vineyards and olive trees, belong here. How many movies show and highlight their beauty? Just to name a few: Stealing beauty (1996), Under the Tuscan sun (2003), La vita è bella (1997), The English Patient (1996), Quantum of Solace (2008).

Around Volterra hills become reddish and ochre, then green and golden around Siena and Arezzo. Heir shape becomes more pointed as we get close to the mountains, in privileged lands with a high quality of life and a strong sense of community.
On the West, the waves turn the landscape into sandy beaches, with some rocks around Leghorn.

The islands of the archipelago still keep some well preserved sea food based culinary secrets. Tuscany is famous all over the world for the products of its land and their tasty combinations between wine and traditional recipes. An appetizer with artichokes in oil and salami from Maremma at sundown can really raise the dead!

Many small towns with timeless architectural and archaeological jewels from different ages can be reached within an hour drive from Florence. Festivals and cultural events highlight local traditions, de-localizing the offer of attractions and seducing tourists.
Staying outside the most renowned tourist centers can make you discover the real life in smaller and less known centers. A game of cards at the bar, a trattoria growing their biological vegetables, the rustic charm of country houses are all ingredients of a region that deserves to be entirely discovered, journey after journey.

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