From the early hours of the morning until late in the evening, this is the beating heart of Florence, and tradition and handicraft are its strong points.
All you have to do is walk the streets in the early hours of the morning and follow one of the ladies with their empty bags going to the market inside a building from when Florence was the capital of the Kingdom of Italy (1870.)

Local food
At Sant’Ambrogio market you can find almost everything the culinary heart desires: sweets, honey, cheese, olives, local and exotic fruits and vegetables, meat, ham, seafood.

Cuisine and Relax
Just a 30 minute stop at the Loggia del Pesce in Piazza Ciompi or in the small square facing the Sant’Amborgio church and you will get a bite of the real Florentine spirit. Sit at one of the small tables in your favorite bar and order a glass of wine. Watch men and women, dogs with hats and children coming home from school. A few tourists and many Florentines taking a break with friends in their spare time.

The Sinagogue
Cipolle di Tropea from the market
Vintage Market