San Niccolò is a part of the town hat completely preserved its medieval appearance, with the mighty thirteenth century walls and narrow streets of cobble stones. Despite being extremely close to Santa Croce and Ponte Vecchio, San Niccolò looks like a small Tuscan village rather than the famous city. Ponte Vecchio is only a five minute walk away. Whenever a Florentine asks us where we live and we say “San Niccolò“, the response is always the same: “Aaah … San Niccolò!!!”

Restaurants and Street Art
Rich of workshops, art galleries, awarded restaurants and cafeterias, San Niccolò is a wonderful place for creative souls. Clet, the Parisian artist famous for his works on street signs, has his office here.

Walking among the Green
Besides the famous walk and the view you can enjoy at Piazzale Michelangelo, the climbing streets from Via San Niccolò are great example of the quality of life in his quarter. Villas with olives in their gardens and breathtaking views over the mighty gardens make life here a great experience. A visit to the Rose Garden and the Florentine Iris Garden during the blooming season, the Bardini and Palazzo Vegni gardens are absolutely worth a visit and some time there.

Porta di San Minato
Via San Leonardo
Porta San Niccolò