This warren of narrow streets between Santa Maria Novella railway station and the dome hosts one of the most famous markets of the city, with lots of lather fashion and handcrafts and on top of that the magnificent art deco building hosting the Central Market. Other masterpieces are the San Lorenzo church, the Medici Chapels, important palaces like the Medici-Riccardi one and more.

Tuscan Cuisine
The market square offers a wide range of restaurants and trattorias allowing a great taste of the world famous Florentine steak, traditional canapes, ribollita, spezzatino, pappa al pomodoro and other typical local dishes. The ground floor at Mercato Centrale is open in the morning, offering fresh local products with old shops like Nerbone’s, the ideal place to taste your first sandwich with lampredotto or boiled meat.
The upper level is open from twelve noon to midnight, with a nice selection of restaurants. For a medium budget you can taste several different dishes in a nice self service environment.

The Typical Sounds
The endless activity of this quarter is best expressed by its sounds, something time did not change at all: the tolling of the bells, the passing of the chariots, wooden structures mounted on wheeled iron frames leaving the streets at night and more. It is not a quiet area and, for us, this is an added value to fully experience the city.

Palazzo Medici Riccardi
On the way to the market
Medici Chapels
Trattoria Zazà, we love the decor inside