Acacia Firenze 

Via dei Pepi, 7 - 50122 Firenze

Office Opening Hours

Mon-Fri 10-1,30pm - 2,30-6,30 pm

Phone +39055244750 - Mob. +393939070181


For any emergency, night(until 11 pm) and week end

Whatsapp Biz. +39055244750

How do I know if a property is the perfect home for me?

Are your rental apartments centrally located and/ or close to public transportation?

Are the listed rental prices negotiable or final? Is it possible to get a discount?

Will I be charged any additional costs apart from the rent?

How can I book an apartment?

After booking an apartment can I modify or cancel my reservation?

How do I pay my stay?

What type of facilities can we expect to find in the apartments?

Can you provide any documentation that I can use for my VISA?

Do I have to sign anything at check in?

How do I get the keys of the apartment?

How to read numbers of the doors on the streets?

Are the neighborhoods around my apartment safe?

Are all apartments strictly holiday rentals or is it possible to obtain long term contracts?

We are traveling with our children. Can you provide a baby cot or other specific needs?

Can we check in/out early in the morning or late in the night?

I’m driving to Florence, can I enter city centre and park ?

What shall I do to require some extra services?

I’m in the apartment and there’s something broken or if an appliance doesn't work. What should I do?

What shall I do to grant you a deposit?

Do I need to bring AC adaptors?

If something in the apartment breaks during my stay, due to my fault or not, then what happens?

Is there somebody from the office that can come visit me during my stay? Will I be warned before?

Is it possible for me to check out on my own?

Is it true that you have many mosquitoes in Florence all year round?