Acacia connects the demanding of curious travelers with accommodations and services that are the key to access the really special Florence that is described through the eyes and hearts of true Florentine people, but shaped according the tastes, desires and advices of many travelers.

All selected apartments are located in the historic city of Florence and they offer atmosphere of real and alive, but in the same time they leave the guests their privacy and freedom of their home. Staying in an apartment ourdays is a choice of fashion that stands out as a lifestyle, in which the difference between leisure and work fades in favor of the personal and tailor made.

The apartments are furnished and equipped, ready to be lived 360°, with Wi-Fi access, kits for the kitchen and bathroom and they offer a different service from the classic hotel.

Our customers like the idea of filling the fridge with the best of the Italian products after a walk to the market in search of seasonal delicacies, or open a bottle of Chianti and relax in the evening with a drink in their living room in Florence.

Acacia has selected a range of services and this makes a real luxury: to build together a new, inedited experience for you. The time spent to select a customized surprise or unusual means of transport to explore the hills, result as a unique value: it builds the texture for unique memories.

The most effective way that we tested to make your holiday in Florence most beautiful and convenient is to assist you in choosing the apartment perfect for your needs and the most fitting services to the type of room you want.