Will Michelangelo's David survive the temptation to step down from his pedestal to hold the Ryder Cup in hand?

The Rider Cup has been rocking the world of golf for over 100 and has written some of the greatest pages of the histrory of this sport.

Finally on saturday november 25th we can admire and take a selfie with it.


This is the trophy that will reward the five-year winner of the challenge between Europe and the United States that will be held in Rome.
On Saturday, November 25th, Piazzale Michelangelo becomes the scenic scenery of the great golf festival, which will involve clubs and school institutes.

This will be the last event of the year for "Road to Rome 2022" and the guest of exception will be the trophy of the Ryder Cup that will depart Saturday morning from Golf Ugolino, the oldest golf club in Italy (since 1889, in the lands of the Demidoff Princes in Novoli) and will go to the center streets on an open bus with young golfers in Tuscany.

For the occasion in the square will be set up places to try to play golf. It's a free and fun opportunity to approach a sport that is an international and interesting universe.


photo. credits Green from Golf dell'Ugolino