From 2017 Acacia chooses AquaFlor for both its ambient scent and courtesy sets in all its apartments

Literally translated: flaming/flamboyant. As the Picture speaks to the Eyes, so the Sense of Smell is alluded to by this Word: elusive. Between Land and Sea with salty, marine, acrid Notes and aromatic Hints of Spices. To try at least once in a Life…

Following is the description of Flamboyant, the turkish-coloured scent welcoming travellers to Acacia apartments. Scents speaking directly to our memory of adventures we experienced or something we dreamed about, meeting the typical fragrances of the Italian imagery.

The extract of tomato leaf conveys an uplifting feeling of well-being that only nature and the simple gesture of nature’s freshness can give us. The memory of an early morning Tuscan garden, green and alive, is the scent evoked by Frescura.

All of Acacia’s selected apartments will welcome our guests with a courtesy set with a fresh perfume from the AquaFlor family, speaking about the Tuscan countryside of yesterday and today. Upon your arrival you will find a very elegant set made of bath foam, shampoo, balsam and body cream (in 75 ml format).

AquaFlor is a charming maison for perfume a stone’s throw from Acacia headquarters, a place where high quality products are created, a place where you can try and experiment samples. Sileno Cheloni’s unmistakable style led to this new adventure, and the place is absolutely worth a visit. The House of Perfumery is inside the Corsini Antinori Serristori renaissance palace, next to Piazza Santa Croce, one of our recommended shops for your truly original Made in Florence souvenirs.

"The entrance on the Street"
"Sileno Cheloni at work"

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"Ulivo apartment"