Here’s a helpful four-point guide

Increasingly technological and demanding, looking for personalized experiences and out of mass tourism: this is a snapshot of today’s travelers are, they more frequently choose to stay in an apartment rather than in a hotel room. A lifestyle choice, also supported by the consideration of what you get most having an apartment as a base for the discovery of a European city. From a broad analysis made by Acacia your home in Florence starting from Airbnb and Tripadvisor users’ comments from 2012 to September 2015, we can point out some reflections supporting this trend: A kitchen available help you to save money and allows you to experience the local ingredients and specialties directly on site, after a trip to the market or to the butcher shop; Although it is not a palace, the apartment offers, at the same price, more space to relax; The stay becomes a unique experience with a full immersion in local tastes and habits; An independent entrance and a turnkey home, enable unprecedented privacy.

We personally visit and select all the apartments and accommodations we offer and have an idea how a perfect apartment for holiday rentals in Florence should be:

1. Central location

A location within the ancient city walls allows tourists to get home on foot, by walking nearly the Duomo and Piazza Signoria. Exploring the city during their stay is easier and the charm of being in the heart of Florence is exactly what they looked for coming to town.

2. Personality

There is no single recipe, fine furnishings with an ancient taste as modern design solutions are both fine. The most important thing is that the apartment must have a consistent soul to show in accurate photographic services. Also its functionality is a requirement that must never be disregarded. A plus is undoubtedly an outdoor exclusive space: a terrace, an interior garden, who among us would not love to find an outdoor place where have breakfast in the morning.

3. Transparency

A rent advertised through official channels, regularized by easily understandable service agreements is very reassuring for a guest who is going to travel to Florence for the first time. Traceable transactions, rental conditions compliant with international standards are gradually convincing even more suspicious travelers such as those from Asia.

4. Home care

Clean linen and rooms are undoubtedly the most important point in customer reviews. If you delegate the change of bed linen and the cleaning of rooms to a professional service you will probably reach quickly a hardly contestable reputation. In order to maximize your guests satisfaction, you can also include a list of optional services that they can easily book: a basket for an aperitif at home, contacts with museums and tourist guides, airport transfers and a list of FAQs to facilitate their stay.

To these physical and organizational characteristics you must possibly add a fifth element that makes the difference in the context here analyzed. We are talking about the communication between guests and owner or the agency he choose to rely on to offer his services. This is the real added value that can determine the success of an apartment for tourist rentals. A mix of professionalism and a person to person approach, availability, listening and dedication, all essential features to offer a perfect stay for those arriving in the city.

This is the way Acacia the Perfect Holiday works to combine the needs of owners with those of tourists. If your apartment meets our 4 point identikit contact us to start a collaboration. We offer advice for furnishing adjustments, tax assistance in order to understand the advantages of deducting the income of these services, a team of professionals to carry out photographic services, promoting you house on dedicated portals and dealing with the reception from A to Z, including professional cleaning and routine maintenance