Chicken tikka masala, a hot hamburger or two pounds of ice cream?

Deliveroo, the two-wheeled service for food delivery, is active and well functioning. Now everyone in Florence has the chance to order a meal directly from a restaurant and have it delivered at home.

At the end of this post you will a special discount for your first order offered by Diana. let’s see how the service works.
Either for lunch or dinner, you can easily order your food to be delivered at a stated time and pay by credit card or Paypal.
You are having dinner at a friend’s and want two pounds of ice cream delivered at his place? You can do it even while on a train before reaching your destination.
You want to spoil your beloved one and have a great meal at home? You just have to choose the menu.

Restaurants working with Deliveroo are of different types. For instance, you can choose from a wide range of pizzerias for the most classical, friendly Italian dinner.
For those loving exotic food, the international menu section offers Indian, Korean, Mexican, Chinese and sushi restaurants in Florence.
Some restaurants we often recommend our guests, like for instance Golden View, also offer online orders.
Tthere are also lots of options for those feeling like having a hamburger. Besides the 100% Florentine Panino tondo, we recommend Off the Hook, especially if you live near Santa Croce.

Diana offers you a discount for your first order with Deliverroo!

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