For a more specific artistic experience, the Dali exhibition in Bologna is worth a visit to Bologna that is just half an hour train ride from Florence main station.

Salvador Dali had a truly unique mind, producing works such as The Persistence Of Memory and The Elephants.

The exhibitionDALI EXPERIENCE at Palazzo Belloni will boast around 200 works – over 100 drawings, as well as 22 museum sculptures, 10 glass pieces, and 12 gold objects. The aim of the experience is to educate visitors in the lesser known aspects of Dali's work with multimedia voyage through the rich tapestry of Dali's life and talent.

While the month continues to chill, a visit to the Dali Experience is an ideal way to pass the time – although if you can't make it this month, don't fret, it's on until May this year. -

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