Little guide for our ecological friends, the bike explorers

We have to confess our passion: we love biking and we like when Florentines leave their car home and go to work on two wheels.

Florence isn't a big city, it's possible to get everywhere by bike. If you will be in the historical center of Florence, getting around by bicycle is very practical as many areas are closed off to motor traffic. Anyhow moving around Florence on a bike can be an adventure! You do have to be very careful sharing the road with cars, scooters and pedestrians.

To escape car traffic, there is a great bike trail by the Arno River, from Parco delle Cascine to Parco dei Renai. The trail is fairly easy: 11 km (7 miles), mostly flat land, mostly by the Arno River. You’ll be surrounded by nature, beautiful birds like the Great Cormorant or Herons. The path itself is beautiful, but even more interesting is your destination: you can relax by the swimming pool, get a tan by the lake, do windsurf or play mini-golf. Here the map.

To explore the hills around the town, you can choose between severals circuits. Here the one that reach the romantic town of Fiesole.

Here for more details to rent a bike and reservations.