Architecture, art or cuisine: three excellences to learn from

hort courses, from half a day to one week. Something to discover a new part of yourself through a full immersion in a world that inspires us.

Not only travelers choose di stay in a place to learn some local art. If Florence is the favorite destination for those willing to learn Italian with Dante’s typical accent, even those loving architecture are strongly attracted by Brunelleschi’s masterpieces and the way they interact with modern and contemporary designers.

You do not need to be Michelangelo and you don’t need to brutally challenge yourself, just to learn the ropes or improve your skills in painting or sculpture, going in and out the Uffizi or the Accademia museums.

Last but not least, the Italian cuisine, that has in Tuscany one of its most important places for meat. It is a field that can really tempt all these aspiring gourmets from half the world and counting. The freshness of fruit and vegetables, which you can directly buy at the local markets, are a great call of smell and taste.

Following is a series of lessons and experiences described to help you choose what is best for you. Choose the sentence that best describes you and find the course you can book:

A. I want to attend a central school with great references where to learn the art of sculpture or oil panting. I will book a three day course which I could extend to 5.

B. I want to challenge myself as an interior designer and have an experience making me visit exclusive private residences and then turns into a practical lab.

C. I want to learn all the tricks to fell an Italian chef. Make me learn how to prepare some specialities that will amaze my friends when I get home.

D. Frescos are my passion. I imagine myself with a brush in my hand in a studio inside Santa Maria Novella.

E. I want to live in an apartment that is next to the market and turn my kitchen into a lab for exquisite taste. Give me a chef (for a lesson at home) and I will move the Earth.

F. My mission: enter a bar and learn to order a coffee in Italian. Or an aperitif.


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Whom does the new part of you look like?

"I cook"
"I compose"
"I want to paint like this"