Hi, I'm Diana, a mum and an exuberant woman, as I consider myself: a manager of my life.

Acacia Firenze, my Travel Concierge Service company has started many years ago thanks to my experience as a traveler and after many years in Fashion business. I have imagined a new way to offer hospitality in my city, opening first my own family residence in Palazzo Pepi and giving the opportunity to discover a place from the perspective of the residents, the people who have their homes in the historical center.

In many years I have built a good connection either with the community of other travellers or the florentines, all in order to exchange ideas and experiences. From this ground grew Acacia Firenze - The Perfect Holiday, now a well known travel consulting agency that offers also hospitality and tourist services to private travelers and coorporate.

A project now supported by a team of friends, all women, whose intention is to make guests feel at home, even those arriving in Florence for the very first time.

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