How many emotions can you get from grapes!

Hills slowly sloping, the bright colors of the red soil, the golden wheat, the dancing sunflowers: Tuscany is the land of imagination, the ideal set for a movie about a relaxed but productive lifestyle in a unique surround.
Tuscany is a region. A region where you can find Florence (yep, Florence is in Tuscany!) and its land goes from the sea to the Apennines. Its most famous countryside is Chanti, but the country is more than that, with its fortified mediaeval villages, Val d'Orcia where the famous Brunello is produced, San Gimignano and its Vernaccia, Casentino with its mills and more.
Every area has its wines, resembling the peculiarities of the land, with shades of taste perfectly matching the local products, such as the desiccated figs, apricots, the breeze blowing from the sea, smells of sandal and tobacco, capers blooming on old walls, lilies, roses, black cherries, peonies.

What should you consider when planning a perfect day across the Tuscan countryside?

Means of transportation. Public transportation is very poor, especially towards the more remote, most interesting areas. Siena can be reached from Florence either by train or bus, but if you want to explore its countrytside you need your own car or van.

Personal local contacts. Many cellars can be visited via online booking. Consider you may a experience a group visit with 10-20 more people. If you want something more exclusive, why not contact someone who can connect you with some more exclusive venues, off the main tourist circuit?

Time to waste. Here’s the scene: you just finished sipping the wine produced by a family ran winery and are indulging counting the wooden beams of the pole sustaining the wisteria. You are tasting a piece of Pienza pecorino cheese and make ten steps towards the lavender under the afternoon sun. Your eyes fade away following an invisible breeze caressing the fields of wheat, still green, while a poppy catches your attention and you take a snap to send your special friend who would love to come live in Italy so bad! As you walk back to the car, you see a fat, red cat moving among the legs of a horse, making you smile.
You saved only three hours to discover the Tuscan countryside? Skip pecorino, wisteria, the cat, the horse and the call from your friend.

Here is a section of itineraries and experiences to help you choose which one fits you best. Choose the sentence that best describes you and book its relative tour:

A. I like design wine cellars and would love to have lunch in the most famous meat restaurant in Chantishire!

B. I love doing things outdoor like ride a bike or an horse, and get the chance to take beautiful vintage style pictures. I wish I could live ina castle making its own wine.

C. How can a woman become a sommelier, interpreter and tour guide, have a NCC license and always wearing a big, charming smile? I want a tour with this certified expert lady.

D. I want to be the first among my friends to spend a day in the woods of the Apennines, enjoying the cuisine from Casentino, accompanied by the people who love these places.

E. I want to be in a vineyard at sunset, as the evening lights up with candles and lights for a dinner under the stars.

F. I want a private driver who knows the area by heart for a custom tour leading to Siena and selected wine producers.

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