A new agreement with It's Yoga school inspires a special beauty basket

Acacia the Perfect Holiday is enthusiastic to announce a new cooperation with It's yoga Firenze: we offer an agreement for housing and we receive the inspiration for a new beauty basket. Every practitioner who is going to choose our selected apartments to stay in Florence will find this basket at his arrival.

The mission of It’s Yoga Firenze is to share the love for the practice. To spark the inner light, each individual holds and watch it shine and contagiously spread. To provide individuals with a sanctuary that promotes health and vitality through the transforming practice of the It’s Yoga system. Through classes, workshops and trainings, they strive to provide the tools for each student to deepen their knowledge of the practice and on the inner workings of the mind. They are committed to supporting lovers of Yoga in manifesting their dreams, one breathe at a time.

It’s Yoga Firenze is a school in Florence which is part of the global It’s Yoga community, who facilities a powerful and transforming practice called the Rocket. In 2007, the vision to open a studio for the pure love of the practice and to share its powers with Europe was set and It’s Yoga Firenze was born.

The vibrant Rocket routine was given its name because “it gets you there faster”. It is a series of postures based off the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa primary and intermediate series. This sequence is fun and energizing, with the perfect marriage of tempo and progression of poses. The practice is designed to wake up the nervous system and feed it the precious prana (life energy) it craves. By synchronizing movement with breath, this system of yoga awakens your inner fire to cleanse, strengthen and detoxify the body, increasing oxygen to the blood aiding in circulation. This practice will promote health of your mind, body and soul and assist in physical and mental changes that are seen quickly on and off the mat. These routines are made accessible for all levels of students through modifications and well educated instructors.